START THE MACHINE, evolved from BL’AST! in 83’ a heavy Santa Cruz SST band where the name was created.

Title song START THE MACHINE is a BL’AST! song written by Mike Neider & Clifford Dinsmore in 1988’ from the LP Take The Manic Ride.

Coinciding at this time the founders were working in the skateboarding, and action sports industry with some of the most prominent companies worldwide. Including a lifetime of skateboarding.

Starting out in a small room, printing skate decks in 83’ in Santa Cruz & San Francisco for decades;

Start The Machine is a trademarked company looking to keep some strand of hope alive.


A company that was founded from action sports, music culture, and healthy lifestyle. STM's reinvigorating that old commodity keeping it classic and true.


An independent Skateboarder family owned company.  


START THE MACHINE is a multifaceted company located in San Clemente, CA.



MUSIC | SKATEBOARDING | industry vets gone independent | Clothing | Accessories | Family ran company | Trademarked | BL’AST! #skatefortomorrow #skateboarderer

Customer Service

T: (949) 374-9250

E: crew@crewmfg.com